As if taken from a wonderful fairy tale…these are the vintage jewelry.

These ancient treasures are hidden in the jewelry boxes of our grandmothers, mothers and aunts. They are the family jewels that they wore with such pride on the most important days of their lives, days that deserved to dazzle with the brilliance of precious stones and metals set in the typical styles of each era.
Jewels that perhaps they inherited from their ancestors, carrying with them a beautiful story of each person who wore it.

Today, vintage jewelery offers you a different and sophisticated look, with a somewhat daring touch as it goes beyond the traditional lines of current fashion.
With them we relive moments from past times: the wonderful 1920s, the crazy 1960s, the great change of the 1980s….and if we are lucky, perhaps luck will bring us beautiful pieces from centuries further away.

We can highlight the jewelry from the Victorian era, from the mid-1900s, very popular for giving a retro touch to our look of the day.
Emeralds and rubies, alone or accompanied by diamonds, settings and handmade engravings… impossible not to fall in love with them!

And in a very special place in our hearts, the Art Deco style from the 20s: simple and geometric figures, precious stones in baguette cut or antique cushion, bright colors, large earrings, bracelets, even cigarette cases and cigarette holders !!!
Natural pearls and other new materials come into action in the creation of exquisite Art Deco jewelry, which adorned any area of ​​skin not covered by the avant-garde costumes of the decade.

They are so special that even modern designers are inspired by them to create their new pieces.

We cannot forget the vintage jewel watches, with thousands of seconds marked and hundreds of lived stories to tell.
Delicate and unique pieces, which we must value and take care of so that they continue among us eternally.

In our Gold Rush Zenia jewelry we have a beautiful collection of vintage jewelry. And if you already have any of these jewels and want to restore it, we will be very excited to do it for you. Come visit us!